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A junk vehicles that are sitting on your property are not only taking up space, it could also be a place where rodents and insects will harbor and eventually infestations will occur. Instead of keeping the vehicle(s) on your property call BGE, we will gladly remove it for you.

The top three reasons you will need our junk vehicle removal service are listed as follows:

Wrecked Vehicle – If your vehicle has been in an accident and it’s beyond repair, you should bring it to the junkyard. Disposing of the vehicle yourself is not a good idea since you still need special tools and equipment to tow the totaled Vehicle. Even if the vehicle is no longer drivable, we can still tow it because we are fully equipped. Let us make it easy for you to say goodbye to your totaled vehicle

Selling A Junked Vehicle – Junk yards are known to buy junked vehicles for their parts. Do not try to tow the vehicle yourself because this is dangerous not only for you but for other motorists as well. Make the call to us and we will be at your place on the specific day and time that you want us to remove the junk vehicle.

Abandoned Junk Vehicle – Some people don’t know what to do with junk vehicles so they leave them on somebody else’s property. We can assist you in processing the removal of the car from your property. We know the rules and regulations about these things, we can assure you that we will be removing the junk vehicle legally.

How can we help you?

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