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Flatbed Towing

You never know when you need a tow and that’s why we provide 24 hour emergency towing services. Don’t let your journey stop because your car did

Even the best maintained vehicles break down from time to time. When your car breaks down or is involved in an accident this can be a huge inconvenience. Let us help ease the severity of the inconvenience, anxiousness and even your safety. You can call us anytime we will respond promptly.

If you break down at your home, a busy intersection, on the street or in a parking lot, please allow our well-trained staff help get your vehicle to a safe location, where it can be repaired. Our technicians are skilled, trained, and qualified to transport any make and model vehicle to a garage or a location of your choice. We will treat your vehicle just like it is one of ours, that’s our promise.

Container Towing

When it comes to towing containers there is always an element of difficulty. However, because we carefully plan the transfer with our team of professionals to get the job done. Moving storage containers is something we’ve done on numerous occasions. It doesn’t matter if your cargo is building supplies, home goods, or perishables we will deliver safely and, in the condition, you left it.

Wrecking Service

There’s a good chance when you leave home, you’ll see a wreck. Whether car on car, car on truck, car in ditch etc. BGE Towing have the skills, tools and equipment needed to tow any type of automobile, whether it is a truck, SUV, or sports car.

Motorcycle Towing

Riding a motorcycle can be one of the most amazing and exhilarating experiences in the world. To get on the open road and feel the breeze flowing through your hair there’s nothing that makes you want to stop.

Unfortunately, motorcycles break down too and are involved in accidents also. If you are ever found in any of these situations, you don’t have to be stranded. We can tow your bike.

We have tow trucks placed throughout the city, so we’ll be able to reach your destination within a matter of minutes.

Luxury & Exotic Car Transport

Exotic cars are a significant investment and deserve to be treated with the best possible care. When it comes to your EXOTIC nothing matters more than knowing that you’ll get care from someone who shares your passion for EXOTIC cars. We’ll transport your Exotic in our Enclosed Exotic Car Carrier Flatbed.

Junk Car Removal

A junk vehicles that are sitting on your property are not only taking up space, it could also be a place where rodents and insects will harbor and eventually infestations will occur. Instead of keeping the vehicle(s) on your property call BGE, we will gladly remove it for you.

The top three reasons you will need our junk vehicle removal service are listed as follows:

Wrecked Vehicle – If your vehicle has been in an accident and it’s beyond repair, you should bring it to the junkyard. Disposing of the vehicle yourself is not a good idea since you still need special tools and equipment to tow the totaled Vehicle. Even if the vehicle is no longer drivable, we can still tow it because we are fully equipped. Let us make it easy for you to say goodbye to your totaled vehicle

Selling A Junked Vehicle – Junk yards are known to buy junked vehicles for their parts. Do not try to tow the vehicle yourself because this is dangerous not only for you but for other motorists as well. Make the call to us and we will be at your place on the specific day and time that you want us to remove the junk vehicle.

Abandoned Junk Vehicle – Some people don’t know what to do with junk vehicles so they leave them on somebody else’s property. We can assist you in processing the removal of the car from your property. We know the rules and regulations about these things, we can assure you that we will be removing the junk vehicle legally.

Roadside Assistance

If you’ve run into any kind of trouble on the road, whether it’s a simple matter of a dead battery, running out of gas midway or a car lockout situation etc. we will come to you.

Some of the roadside duties we perform are…

  • changing a flat tire
  • inflating a under inflated tire
  • towing your car to your mechanic, dealer, garage, or home
  • jump starting a dead battery
  • Fuel delivery
  • Windshield washer fluid
  • vehicle lockouts
  • minor mechanical issues
  • minor collision issues that do not require towing

Our goal is to help you resume your journey as soon as possible and our rates are fair and reasonable. If you ever find your self in need of local and regional roadside and accident assistance, be sure to call BGE Towing. We are here to help you get back on the road and give you peace of mind.

Parking Enforcement Services

Our company offers parking enforcement towing. People have a habit for parking where they prohibited from parking. Whether its handicapped spaces, fire lanes, no standing zones, no parking zones, reserved spaces, no overnight parking etc.

  • Regulations imposed on apartment complexes, gated communities neighborhood residents (HOA)
  • Conferences and special events
  • Vehicle blocking entrances or exits
  • Towing enforcement of parking signs

This could be problematic for your business. BGE Towing offers solutions that will help you maintain the strictest parking standards 24/7.

How can we help you?

Contact us at Boyces Global office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.